New skin compatible with Genus, Catwa, Laq and more!

RipRock - Elsa Omega Applier color porcelain


Buy here:


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75% OFF Black Friday and Cyber Monday

blogger black friday 75% OFF


*Black Friday* *Cyber Monday*

50% and 75% OFF StoreWide

November 22 to 26

In-world Store:

MarketPlace Link:

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Brit, New skin creator!.

RipRock - Brit Skin Creator Vendor

Buy here  or take the taxi to main store.

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New spike necklace full perms.

RipRock - Spike Necklace Vendor

New spike necklace full perms, buy here or take the taxi.

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New lace top and new skin creator!

New lace top and new skin creator!

RipRock - JeanSkin Creator Vendor

New skin creator:

RipRock - Lace Mary  Top - Vendor

and lace top for xxx event!:

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Mini skirt For Redeux Event

RipRock - Micro Skirt with Bow - Vendor


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25 L item, just today!

RipRock -Top


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